Earthlings !

Given the extreme simplicity of the universe at the start of the Big Bang, it's friendliness to complex structures such as galaxies, planetary systems and biology is unexpected by any normal model of turbulence driven structuring that science has been able to derive.

Consciousness, the paradox. A perpetual flux of here and now perceived through a mental construct of time. Synchronicities and bizarre phenomena often occur within our field of awareness but we fearfully disregard them.

The universe spontaneously generated, developed self-governing laws and became self-aware through emergent complexity ?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

What does locality mean ?

Locality simply means that every interaction must occur in space-time, meaning that to get from A to B, one needs to cover the distance/time needed to interact with the other particle, no jumps or instantaneous action at a distance are allowed.

In quantum physics the concept of non-locality is introduced to describe some of the strangest particle interactions occuring in our inner universe. Photons, electrons, and many other sub-atomic particles, seem to interact non-locally on a regular basis. This phenomenon, obviously controversial and with enormous paradigm shift potential, is now at least accepted by 60% of modern quantum physicists.

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